Late last year Vblank Entertainment finally revealed the successor to the brilliant Retro City Rampage, with Shakedown Hawaii announced and confirmed to be targeting the 3DS.

It's set 30 years after Retro City Rampage as the ageing protagonist - 'The Player' - comes out of retirement to fight for his criminal empire, and we can be sure it'll have plenty of humour and pop culture references. Now we get a look at it on the 3DS, with Nintendo publishing an early look at the portable's version of the game - it has nice chunky pixels, while we get a look at mechanics like drive-by shootings and cover-based shoot-outs on foot.

The man behind Vblank Entertainment, Brian Provinciano, told us last year that "other Nintendo platforms are possible", referencing the NX; a decision on that will come when more is known about that hardware and its release date. As for Shakedown Hawaii, Provinciano has previously stated on social media that he hopes to have it out by early 2017.

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