We have another entry for the 'cool things that fans do' category, which is a neverending source of delight when it comes to Nintendo franchises. This time it relates to Pokémon, as most things will this week...

YouTuber KennyWdev decided to showcase his development skills by creating Pokémon holograms, which appear like a particularly neat and fancy version of AR (augmented reality), as you can see below.

In actual fact these holograms are created using a projector and a prism, with the characters themselves being 3D models that the developer created. It's a neat effect, and below is a hugely popular video (over 14 million views) that show how this effect works when using a phone rather than a projector.

It's a clever effect, and is perhaps a nice warmup for the potential treat of Pokémon Go later this year, which will bring 'mon into the 'real world' through AR and flashy programming.

[source youtube.com, via kotaku.co.uk]