Many of us may consider ourselves to be decent at 2D Mario platformers, but some of the more ludicrous creations on Super Mario Maker often cut us down to size. It's generally the case that they utilise mechanics and techniques not normally seen in the main series games, making attempts to beat these hyper-difficult stages an event in themselves.

The Pit of Panga stages are an example of this, and we're fans of this creator's efforts. If you missed our previous articles on these the idea is simple - many hours are spent creating and clearing extremely tough levels to upload, and they then often accumulate thousands of attempts within the game with little or no success for players. As tests of endurance and reflexes they certainly stand out in the level creation game.

Panga has now uploaded his latest creation, 'Grown Man's Garden' (code AC11-0000-01B2-EA51), which makes some fun use of vines. It took six hours to create and more than 900 attempts to beat, with the final run below.

As a bonus, below is a failed attempt that has a particularly cruel ending - bear in mind there's a bit of bad language in this one.