Pokemon Pikachu.png

It's not often that Virtual Console releases of 20-year-old games have their own hardware bundles and weeks of hype, yet that's the case with Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow ahead of their 27th February arrival on the 3DS eShop. Such is the power of the brand that a nostalgia-tinged release date, combined with a first official download release, are seeing the gen-one trailblazers hogging a lot of attention.

With the upcoming releases supporting trading via local Wi-Fi - replacing link cables - and also including a Mew code, dedicated fans will no doubt be flooding onto Nintendo's servers come release day. We suspect February's going to see plenty of marketing for the titles and brand as a whole, too, best summed up by The Pokémon Company splashing the cash on a Super Bowl ad slot.

As a relatively pleasing but low key start to festivities, then, we have a five minute video from Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel. It includes plenty of clips from the upcoming downloads for you to enjoy - check it out below.