Temple of Yog

Temple of Yog has been out for a bit of time now, offering Wii U gamers a retro roguelike experience with a bizarre premise. We rather liked it in our review, and it seems that there's a plan for additional content that will hopefully take the game to new heights. While CHUDCHUD industries is hard at work on the 'Second Epoch' expansion, a new update is due out soon that should still be adding a substantial amount to the game.

The studio recently posted the full patch notes to their blog, and it's hopefully going to go live sometime in the middle of February. Here are the notes, according to the page:

  • Global screen swap – Both the light and shadow worlds can now appear on either the main screen or the GamePad.
  • Improved collision detection – enemies no longer clip through hedges and environmental objects.
  • Spawn refinement – The dungeon generation algorithm has been refined so that tributes no longer occasionally spawn on enemies.
  • Wasps – A new enemy type that endlessly spawns from a nest until the nest is destroyed.
  • More quests – top level quests are now repeatable and there are new quests related to wasps.
  • Improved UI – Collecting BP now displays a number that indicates the exact amount being collected.
  • Improved enemy AI
  • Post-Wilderness times – Conquering the Wilderness now means that it doesn't grow back, meaning you can endlessly fight at the highest rank of the zone.
  • Dungeon upgrade room – You can spend boon in this room to upgrade various stats for your tribute.

What do you think? Are you glad to see these changes? What did you think of Temple of Yog? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source templeofyog.tumblr.com]