Can you get them now? Shor-yu-ken! Now exercising some decorum, the long-awaited Capcom veteran is finally available for preorder on Amazon UK for the expected price of £10.99. So too is R.O.B.'s Famicom colour iteration - though many of our readers have probably already imported these from Japan since the figure has been available there for a while now.

At the time of writing, Roy only seems to be able across Amazon's European sites, but we suggest our US readers keep that refresh button on lockdown as he could grace your Amazon shelves anytime soon. As is often the case pre-orders sold our rapidly in the US for Ryu and R.O.B., too.

All three figures have yet to emerge for preorder on the online Nintendo Store, so if you're interested now's your chance to nab em before they're gone! We could all do with some R&R...&R...

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