Mother 3

UPDATE: We've since had more confirmation from Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson, who has posted the following on Twitter. It seems that Emily wasn't the only person who knew about this, but she might have let the cat out of the bag prematurely:

UPDATE #2: Eurogamer has also confirmed that it was previously aware of a Mother 3 localization. Sounds like that pinch of salt might not have been required after all!

ORIGINAL STORY: The Mother series is one that has never been a major success in the west, but it's generated a passionate cult following. Initially, only Mother 2 – Earthbound, over here – was localised, but the first game in the series made its first official western appearance quite recently on the Wii U Virtual Console as Earthbound Beginnings. That leaves us with only one game missing: Mother 3. It seems logical that Nintendo would eventually bring it over, and the latest rumours indicate that this will be the case.

Emily Rogers – a source who has evidently been on the money with leaks in the past – has recently been alluding to a localisation of Mother 3 on her Twitter. Naturally, these things shouldn't be taken too seriously until there's official word, but it would seem logical given that this year is the game's tenth anniversary. Perhaps Earthbound Beginnings did well enough that Nintendo deemed the third game worth the effort, too, but only time will tell.

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