NX version in the works?

When Square Enix revealed its plans to release Dragon Quest titles on NX last year, it became the first third-party to pledge support to Nintendo's mysterious new console. Such news would suggest that the firm has NX dev kits in hand, and this lends credence to the following rumour. Got a handful of salt ready? Let's begin.

According to SuperMetalDave64 - a YouTuber with a reasonably solid track record when it comes to rumours - Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV will both be ported to Nintendo NX at some point. Furthermore, both versions could end up being the definitive editions, as the source claims that NX will surpass the PS4 in terms of processing power.

It's worth pointing out for a second time that this is the kind of rumour that multiple pinches of salt should accompany; SuperMetalDave64 even explains that his unnamed source in this case isn't a developer on either project, but has given him solid information in the past.

On paper at least, the rumour isn't that hard to believe. In the case of Final Fantasy XV, it's already a multi-platform title confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One, so a release on NX would certainly make sense.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, on the other hand, is currently exclusive to PS4 and given Sony's close association with the legendary seventh outing, it might be reluctant to allow Square Enix to release the game on a rival system - at least not until the PS4 version has had its time in the limelight.

As for Nintendo's relationship with Square Enix, it's arguably on the up and up. The company has recently allowed one of its most treasured characters - Final Fantasy VII hero Cloud Strife - to join the Smash Bros. roster, and Final Fantasy Explorers has just launched as a 3DS exclusive. So the two firms are clearly talking to each other a lot these days.

What do you make of this rumour? Do you think it has any substance, or is the source merely guessing based on the notion that Square Enix already has NX dev kits in its possession? Let us know by posting a comment below.