Square Enix has confirmed that the next entry in the best-selling Dragon Quest series is coming to the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo NX.

The news was delivered at an ongoing special event in Japan. The Nintendo versions will be joined by a version for the Sony PS4.

The game's full title is Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Departed Time, the producer is Saito Yosuke and Level 5 is involved with development in some capacity. The PS4 version (and presumably NX edition) runs on Unreal Engine 4, which means that the 3DS edition will be running on something else entirely, as Unreal 4 doesn't currently support the system.

Here's what the PS4 version looks like, which should give a good indication of what it will look like on NX

Image: Wario64 (via Twitter)

The 3DS version - unsurprisingly - has an entirely different look, but it's still very impressive indeed. The top screen shows a 3D view while the bottom screen shows SNES-style 2D sprites - a neat touch. It's almost like the bottom screen is the old-school Dragon Quest, while the top shows a more modern look. Even cut-scenes play out on both displays, and entering a battle using the D-Pad makes it take place in 2D, while the Circle Pad makes it start in 3D.

It's certainly one of the most inventive uses of the dual-screen set-up that we've seen. Toy Logic is handling the Nintendo version of the game.

It was also confirmed during the event that Dragon Quest X is coming to the NX as well. Wowzer.