Rising Star Games has branched out in recent years to become a prolific publisher of indie titles, but it began life as a company which focused on bringing the best Japanese games to western players. It's going back to its roots with Mebius' action RPG Sadame, which it's bringing to the European and North American 3DS eShops on February 25th.

Here's the official rub:

Translating simply as 'fate', four warriors are called to battle with a whirl of swords, spells and mysterious arcane abilities in this fast-paced hack-'n-slash adventure. Cut a swathe through waves of demons as you battle against the vivid backdrop of a reimagined Warring States period of Japan. Players guide their chosen hero through dozens of stages, facing an onslaught of over twenty enormous bosses, collecting loot, enhancing their equipment and levelling up with new abilities with which to punish and slay Nobunaga's hordes.

Choose from the sword-wielding Samurai; the ranged and stealthy Ninja; the spell-slinging Monk or the enchanting witchery of the Rogue. Each of the four playable heroes has a distinct story and gameplay style with their own abilities and skills to explore and enhance. However, as loot is shared between multiple save files and previously created heroes can be set to assist new ones in battle – not to mention the branching paths offered by the story – Sadame offers a huge amount of replay value.

Sadame's four character types offer four different gameplay styles, and each levels up as you progress through the game. In typical RPG style it's possible to customize your character with new weapons and upgrades, while replay value comes from the fact that certain events are only accessible by certain characters, and each playthrough unlocks new content. You'll also be able to use StreetPass to add heroes to your collection who can then be called upon to aid your progress.

Here's what Martin Defries, Managing Director of Rising Star Games, had to say about the news:

Sadame's release is the perfect example of what we've always done well: bringing great Japanese games to the west so that more people can enjoy them. It's the perfect balance of both action and RPG, making it ideal for players looking to try something exciting and new on their Nintendo 3DS system.

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