Pokemon Red Blue bundle.jpg

When Nintendo and The Pokémon Company unveiled a whole load of 20th Anniversary plans earlier in the year, one of the announcements was for a New Nintendo 3DS bundle (pictured above) in the US. It includes both Pokémon Red and Blue pre-installed on a white version of the smaller model, with cover plates for each game also included.

It sold out at GameStop pretty quickly, but it seems demand for these isn't as high as we'd have expected. At the time of writing these can still be picked up - in the US, there's less stock in Canada - quite easily; hat tip to Tiny Cartridge, as its article prompted us to look around.

At the time of writing this bundle can still be pre-ordered for $199.99 at both Amazon and Best Buy ahead of release on 27th February. Considering the fact it comes with both games - but no Pokémon Yellow - and a couple of cover plates that doesn't seem too bad, especially as this model has only previous been released in North America as a bundle for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Are any of you still tempted to grab one of these? There's still time...

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