We have a mild obsession with incredibly difficult Super Mario Maker levels here on Nintendo Life - not actually beating them, don't be silly, but watching others achieve the seemingly impossible.

Occasionally we share videos of fiendish creators such as Panga battling through their own stages in order to upload them, but we've found a neat example of a player clearing someone else's tricky stage. GlitchCatSeven hit up Reddit to share the happy news that he'd cleared Time for a T-Break (level ID: 99EE-0000-0106-AC36) after 12 hours of practice, with the intrepid Australian claiming the mantle of first non-Japanese player to clear it, and the third overall worldwide. You can see the run below.

In the two days since that video was posted the stage has actually been beaten again - it now has a clear rate of 0.02%, or 4 from 13810 attempts.