We're strong advocates for the New Nintendo 3DS here at Nintendo Life, but not all of its enhancements and extras are universally loved. The C-Stick, for one, certainly has its critics - this writer likes it, but its occasional resistance to moving down can be one issue. Some simply don't like it, probably because it reminds them of an old HP laptop from over a decade ago - we still reckon Nintendo ordered a batch of old discarded laptop mouse nubs. Ok, maybe not...

In any case, some take matters into their own hands, and one owner has applied a very simple mod to replace the C-Stick with a PSP stick. That's arguably a slightly weird choice as the PSP equivalent had its own critics, but in practical terms it can be a relatively simple swap, as you can see below.

Well, it sure works - let us know what you think of this mod in the comments.

[source tinycartridge.com, via reddit.com]