For the most part, computer-controlled opponents can provide a plentiful challenge in video games (depending on the player of course). However, YouTuber Omega Tyrant has proven that sometimes the minimalist approach can be the key to success, as his video below shows Luigi win against every CPU-controlled (all on level nine) DLC character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U by doing absolutely nothing.

It's a pretty hilarious watch, as Luigi calmly lets the CPU's attacks and stage threats have their way with him, all while the opposing AI combatant frantically gets itself into a kerfuffle - ultimately leading to a suicidal fall. It should be noted that Omega Tyrant actually created a very similar video last year where Luigi triumphs over every other SSB4 CPU fighter (again on level nine) by, you guessed it, doing nothing at all. It's another funny watch - having Luigi as the victor just works perfectly (at least in this writer's opinion), and is the next logical step from all those 'Luigi does nothing' Mario Party videos.

Have a watch below and let us know your thoughts. Perhaps taking more of minimalist approach in future matches could be your new strategy for success?

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