It's nice to want things

Nintendo's Quality of Life initiative was one of Satoru Iwata's personal legacies, an attempt to enrich the lives of consumers and improve their overall well being while simultaneously providing Nintendo with another valuable revenue stream.

It was expected to launch last year but we've heard precious little about it, and since Iwata's unfortunate passing, it would seem that the project has been placed on the back-burner.

During a recent press conference, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima was unsure about the chances of any QoL device ever making it to market:

It hasn't reached a level where it can be sold as a Nintendo product. If it could be released, we'd release it. If it's not we need to consider further how to deal with it.

Kimishima's downbeat opinion of the QoL project's commercial chances doesn't bode well for the venture and it could be that without Iwata, Nintendo's enthusiasm has waned. His tragic passing may well have put an end to the QoL platform's chances of ever seeing the light of day.

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