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21st February is a special date for The Legend of Zelda franchise, as it's the 30th Anniversary of the Famicom Disk version of the first game in the franchise. Nintendo's been oddly slow to make a fuss about the date, barely mentioning the landmark and focusing its efforts on promoting The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. Disappointing as that is, we want to do our part to pay tribute to one of the most iconic game series in the world.

We have some feature articles on the way, but first of all we want to kick off the voting to determine the Nintendo Life community's favourite Zelda games. We actually ran polls back in Summer 2014 which had an extremely close outcome, but now with the Anniversary and improvements to our polling options we're going to do a re-run; will the results be different this time around?

The poll is below, but let's clear up some of the rules and criteria we've applied:

  • We've only included 'canon' games, which means no Hyrule Warriors. We thought of including the Koei Tecmo title, but endless arguments over why Link's Crossbow Training was missing would have somewhat derailed the comments; we've decided to keep it simple.
  • A change from the 2014 poll is that we're combining 3D and HD remasters with their originals under one vote - this is to accommodate the fact the core games are the same, and to not disadvantage those games by splitting their votes between generations (some younger gamers may have only played 3DS and Wii U remasters rather than the originals, for example).
  • You can choose up to three games, with each of those votes equally weighted. If you want to just vote for one or two you absolutely can, but we think the results could be more interesting if the option is there to support three entries.

We'll also be running a staff vote, so this coming weekend we'll have both staff and community favourites to celebrate. Make your choices below and talk it over in the comments!

What are your favourite Legend of Zelda games? (Vote for up to 3)

(You can select up to 3 answers)