Yooka-Laylee made quite an impact when it was revealed in Spring 2015, with the newly formed Playtonic Studios gaining a lot of attention by virtue of a promising Kickstarter pitch video and the fact that the team was largely comprised of former Rare staff. Already positioned as a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, fans are hoping that it'll deliver a modern take on the old-school of 3D platformers.

It's been a while since Playtonic went all out with new game footage, but it continues to reveal snippets of new information. In a 'birthday' post on its website, a new character called Kartos is introduced along with an accompanying 'Challenge' level music track from David Wise.

Kartos static.png

Lovely, isn't it? Very cheerful. This particular piece is designed to accompany a section of the game starring our latest character reveal, Kartos. During their adventure, Yooka and Laylee will have many encounters with this humble minecart, and together they'll hit the tracks in search of paper-shaped golden nuggets.

In addition the studio has hired three new staff with game art and stage design experience, introduced simply as Hamish, Gary and Damien.

Hamish, Gary and Damien

In a funny coincidence, in his previous work with Curve Digital Hamish won a Mario Kart 8 'Nindies' competition that we ran at EGX 2014; you can see his moment of glory below.

Do you like the look of Kartos, and is Yooka-Laylee high on your list of most wanted Wii U eShop games?

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