my oc corrin do not steal

It won't be much longer until Fire Emblem Fates is released in North America, and there are plenty of folks on both sides of the pond who can't wait to tear into it as soon as they can. We know at least a couple who have chosen to take time off with "Fire Emblem Flu."

One of the first items to take care of upon startup, of course, will be choosing the look of Corrin, the main character. For some, this is Very Serious Business and might even qualify as a mini-game all in itself. If you'd rather have your Corrin primmed and planned out well in advance, however, there's an app fit for any fashionable tactician.

The Kamui Customizer allows users to browse all the different appearance options for Corrin, including all four base body types. Taking some time to line up your selections might just make the wait for Fates a smidge more bearable.

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