In the past we shared some videos from the MrBean35000vr channel on YouTube, particularly in the case of intriguing mods and hacks to Mario Kart 8. The channel had found a way to mess around with the source code for the Wii U title - though had minimised public details of the hack - and created some fun videos that deconstructed the game.

Notable examples essentially had a character flying around the larger worlds of tracks, which was done by running time trial replays from other tracks across those in the video; these provided an interesting look at all of the background detail that's barely noticed when racing around the track.

Over time, however, Nintendo has started putting blocks on a number of the channel's videos, including many of the MK8 examples and some featuring Mario Kart Wii hacks. Over an initial period 13 were taken down, and now a further 15 of the MK8 videos have followed in the past few days, which adds up to 28 videos that can no longer be viewed. To get around this the channel is uploading them as 'highlights' on Twitch and sharing the links in the description for this video.

Intriguingly, the video blocks haven't forced the channel off YouTube entirely, they're just causing the content to be moved elsewhere.

Of course, mods and hacks can be a sticky subject. In the case of this channel it had focused its efforts in recent times on delivering online play for Wii games after the official servers had gone down, and mainly in experimenting and messing around with Mario Kart 8. Not much harm was being done, arguably, but it's nevertheless seeing a lot of its content get taken off YouTube.

Below is one of the few surviving MK8 videos at the time of writing, to show the kind of content that's being blocked; who knows how much longer it'll be on YouTube, though.