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Earlier this week we highlighted the impact of a global stock market panic on Nintendo's share value. After its financial reports at the start of the month Nintendo stock had stayed relatively solid, with investors holding fort while awaiting the launches of key future projects. During the course of this trading week, however, a period of significant instability in the global markets has prompting shares to tumble for a whole range of companies.

In addition to the general uncertainty, a strong Yen has made life even tougher for Japanese companies with significant export business, such as Nintendo. Now that the week has ended we have a sense of the damage done to Nintendo's share value, and it's not a pretty picture.

The monthly chart shows the steep drop since 8th February
Image: Bloomberg
Share value is at its lowest point since 17th March 2015
Image: Bloomberg

The value dropped a further 5.9% for the day when trading closed on 12th February, and the picture for the overall week is rather grim - that steep decline starting on Monday 8th February has resulted in a fall of around 17.4% in Nintendo share value over the course of one week. The closing price of 14,350 Yen is also the lowest it's been since 17th March 2015, which immediately preceded a steep increase upon the announcement of the DeNA partnership for smart device apps and games.

As highlighted earlier in the week, this fall has been largely out of Nintendo's control. Despite this it's unfortunately undone some positive momentum, and the company (along with many others) is no doubt hoping to see the situation stabilise soon.