Shutshimi was a unique shmup that released on the eShop a couple weeks ago. Featuring retro style visuals and a fast-paced Warioware style approach to enemy waves, we thought that it was a pretty good time. Up until recently, it was uncertain when the game would be brought over to Europe, but it seems that the wait is nearly over.

Neon Deity Games recently took part in a Reddit AMA, and the question was asked of when the game could be expected outside of North America. His response was that it's been rated for Europe, but that there are still some tweaks that must be made. At any rate, it's expected to be ready in the next few months. Here's the quote:

We recently received our ratings for the EU region. We have a couple minor tests and fixes to prepare, but hopefully it'll be soon! We can't give exact dates due to how unpredictable the certification process is, but I would hope for it to ready in a couple of months. Maybe more, but maybe less!

What do you think? Will you be picking this up? North Americans, what did you think of Shutshimi? Share your thoughts in the comments below.