The soundtracks from Nintendo games often draw in the talents of musical composers and arrangers, with iconic themes reproduced in various styles. We have a few favourites in this area on Nintendo Life, one of them being Rozen; he creates orchestral re-arrangements for various franchises, and in his latest project he's returned to The Legend of Zelda.

Rozen has released an EP called Nayru's Love - it's a four-track album that's suited to the upcoming day of romance or, alternatively, friendship with others. The previews below highlight the tracks and give snippets of each.

As it's a four track EP it comes at a budget price of roughly $4, depending on your platform of choice. It's $3.96 on iTunes in the US, or you can pay any amount from $4 up on loudr. If you want to catch up with Rozen's extensive back-catalogue, meanwhile, you can do so on his official website or by searching for him on Spotify.

Are you tempted to pick this up for the romantic season?