It's always rather exciting when two companies with strong track records and heritage team up on a collaborative project, and that's just what's happening with Mistwalker and Silicon Studio.

Silicon Studio is well known as a company with a strong technological foundation, but has also shown its development capabilities with the excellent Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer on 3DS. Mistwalker, on the other hand, was founded by Final Fantasy creator in Hironobu Sakaguchi back in 2004. Though its most recent title - Terra Battle - was on smart devices, Mistwalker was behind The Last Story on Wii, which is certainly remembered fondly.

Now they're teaming up on a new project, with Silicon Studio bringing its technology and project management expertise and Mistwalker contributing to the creative aspects of the project. No game title or platforms have been confirmed, though some handsome art was included with the press release.


It'll be interesting to see what this partnership brings, and whether the history of both companies working on Nintendo hardware will boost the chances of a release on the big N's systems.

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