The GameCube may be Nintendo's worst-selling home console to date - the Wii U could, in theory catch it - but it's not without its loyal fans. The system's controller, in particular, has such a devoted following that the special edition Super Smash Bros. Wired Pad and the accompanying Wii U adapter were hot items and hard to find in late 2014. Considering the adapter only supports Smash Bros., its popularity and limited availability showed the strength of feeling for the controller.

All of that explains why there's such interest in the Hyperkin ProCube Controller, which has the GameCube layout but functions as a wireless Wii U Pro Controller, also using digital shoulder buttons to match up with its official current-gen brethren. When you combine the look and feel of a GameCube pad with the freedom to use it in hundreds of Wii U games, there's plenty of demand.

Good news for those in North America, then, as GameStop looks set to have the pad in stock from 29th February. It's listing the purple, white and black variations on this page - hat tip to Nintendo Everything - priced at the standard $29.99. So far it's the only show in town, too.

Pre-orders opened on the Hyperkin website back in January, and now all three models are out of stock. Focusing on North America a quick look at Amazon, Target, Walmart and Best Buy comes up empty in searches for pre-orders on the pads, though that doesn't they won't come into stock nearer the release date.

It seems that Hyperkin is facing a challenge in supplying ample stock; the love for the GameCube controller design clearly lives on.


With thanks to Ryan Millar for the heads up.