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Not too long ago we asked you, the Nintendo Life community, to vote for your favourite Pokémon games, in order to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the franchise; to say that the voting was close would be an understatement.

As for the rules, only 'main' or 'core' games were included, which was nevertheless a lengthy list courtesy of multiple versions and variations. You all had the option to vote for up to three games, and as a reflection of the franchises' popularity across generations it became an extremely close battle for the top spots.

The top five were extremely close together, and below are the final results from your votes.

Pokémon X & Y
5. Pokémon Y

One of the games to kickstart the sixth generation, Y featured the new Legendary Pokémon, Dark/Flying-type Yveltal. What this entry and its compatriot truly delivered, though, was a fairly dramatic evolution for the series. There was a new 3D graphics engine, for one thing, and the limited number of new Pokémon was somewhat offset by the introduction of Mega Evolutions. Other features are listed below, for obvious reasons.

Pokemon X.jpg
4. Pokémon X

These 3DS titles are clearly popular among Nintendo Life readers, with X and its own Legendary 'mon - Fairy-type Xerneas - just nipping ahead of its fellow sixth-gen release. Xerneas was a clear representation for another new addition, Fairy-types, while the PSS spruced up the online component as you could see and interact with others simply by tapping them on the touch screen. These entries also included the Pokémon Amie feature, where you can pet your Pokémon and bond with them to get various bonuses.

Pokemon Yellow.jpg
3. Pokémon Yellow Version

This goes way back to the first generation, and perhaps reflects the renewed appreciation for this release as it makes its debut on the Virtual Console. This one made some use of the brand new Game Boy Color (as it was in 1998), and focused on Pikachu following you outside of its PokéBall - it matched the anime series at the time and had sprite work based on the art style of the show.

2. Pokémon HeartGold

Well, these DS remakes of the second generation originals have struck a chord with many of you. HeartGold and its partner release brought those games up to the graphical and mechanical standards of Generation IV on the DS, and added a variety of features including the special Safari Zone and the Pokéthlon mini-games.

1. Pokémon SoulSilver

In the battle of these remakes, SoulSilver takes the nod. These titles often seem to come up in conversations as they struck a key age group, with the timing of release on the hugely popular DS bringing these Game Boy Color titles to a new audience. The Kanto region was improved, and combining the upgraded mechanics (and online features) along with an extensive endgame evidently enthralled a generation of players.

An incredibly tight outcome in the community vote, all told. Debate the results below!