Remember Dot Arcade? You should do, as we awarded it 9 out of 10 when we reviewed it last year. One of the included games - Dodge Club - is now getting a stand-alone release, and in case you were wondering why you should care, this version will have multiplayer.

Entitled Dodge Club Party, the game has previously been available as an interactive installation, which you can view in the video at the bottom of this piece. The original Dodge Club was created for Kokoromi's gamma256 festival back in 2007, and designer James Montagna - a WayForward Technologies staffer by day - has expanded it for this new version.

A March release is expected for North America, with a $1.99 price tag. A European release is planned - alongside Dot Arcade - but there's no solid window for that as yet.

If you're interested in the game, then Montagna has released a mobile version called Dodge Club Pocket, which is available now on iOS and Android.

[source tinycartridge.com, via 4colorrebellion.tumblr.com]