As you probably know Minecraft: Wii U Edition hit the Wii U in late December, and it's doing particularly well in Japan. It's the number one selling game in the Wii U charts in Japan at the moment.

That's not discouraged publisher Cypronia from releasing its Minecraft-inspired title Cube Life: Island Survival into the Japanese territory, however. It launched there this Wednesday for only 1000 Yen (compared to Minecraft's asking price of 3,888 Yen) and has already found success jumping straight to number 15 in the charts. That's actually pretty impressive when you see the calibre of games in the charts which it is competing with!

Cypronia assures us it's not resting on its laurels with the development of the game. Update 1.2 is currently under approval with Nintendo and should be released for free soon; this will offer the ability to share maps in a similar way to Super Mario Maker and lots more.

The battle of Minecraft and its clones still rages on.