Image: The Tanooki.com

If you're looking for the perfect card for your true love this Valentine's Day then the Pokémon Center should be your first port of call - the store is selling a selection of Pokémon-themed cards which are sure to catch anyone's heart.

Available in packs of 12 - presumably for those trainers who have plenty of potential options - these cards feature a famous Pocket Monster along with a catchy little phrase. The even come with little Pokémon stickers to seal them (kiss presumably optional).

Here's a selection of the designs on offer (click to enlarge):

You can view all of the designs here.

If you fancy making a purchase, the packs cost $17.50 and can be ordered here. Hopefully they'll help you win the object of your affection this February 14th.

[source facebook.com, via pokemoncenter.com]