The Wii U eShop has been home to a variety of new developers with bold ambition, and Berlin-based Red Column is the latest to set out its stall for the store. It's bringing 3Souls exclusively to Wii U in Q2, with the goal of utilising the GamePad "to break new ground in how you control your character and play the game".

Described as a puzzle platformer, the GamePad is used to understand and interact with the emotions of 'Ánimas', creatures from the world of Mustland. The evident ambition of the concept and its use of the controller are certainly to be commended, though admittedly it's a title that looks rather simplistic visually.

The spirit of download-only games can mean that humble aesthetics are overcome through clever designs and concepts; you can check out the trailer below to see if you think 3Souls has that potential.

A Q2 release target means that it's not far away, in any case - will you be keeping an eye on this one?