We've been raving about the GCVideo HDMI mod for the GameCube for a little bit now, but what we haven't yet done it compare the quality to that of your average AV to HDMI converter; a common option for those trying to get older systems and games onto modern screens.

These cheap devices present all sorts of issues with image quality, but also audio quality and input lag. The results you can see in the video below are also fairly representative of many analogue to digital converters found inside modern televisions, most of which are afflicted by the same issues.

The mod serves as a way to get the highest quality possible from your games on original hardware, and most importantly for those in the PAL region it also deinterlaces those horrible interlaced signals that plagued our childhoods. Check out the video below where we use the original version of The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker to illustrate our point, and of course make sure you get yourself signed up or 'subscribed' if you like to our YouTube channel so you never miss another one of our exciting videos!