Aperion Cyberstorm.jpg

At EGX last year we enjoyed a marathon play session with upcoming Wii U eShop twin-stick shooter Aperion Cyberstorm; we came away rather impressed. Slick controls and carefully considered mechanics combine with bright visuals for a fun, arcade-like score chasing experience.

In that session we tackled some competitive and co-op multiplayer, but now developer aPriori Digital has released the first trailer showcasing the campaign mode. It will include multiple worlds, bosses and weapons to discover, with a storyline told largely through in-game dialogue boxes. It can be tackled solo or in co-op for up to five players, and the trailer shows two players tackling a portion of the Ice world.

We've been fans of this game based on our short time with it so far; due this year, we're hopeful it'll deliver on its potential. Check out the trailer below and be sure to check out our hands on impressions from last year for more details and footage.