Custom Hydra Splatling

We all knew that this day would be coming, but it's still a bittersweet time. The end of the free Splatoon weapon updates has come, and it will be marked by the launch of the final weapon: Custom Hydra Splatling.

The Custom Hydra Splatling is, erm, a custom Hydra Splatling, with the main difference here being that it uses the Sprinkler and Bubbler instead of the Splat Bomb and Echolocator. Though no official time was given, it's likely that this will be made available at the same time previous weapons have, around 6 PM PST or 2 AM in the UK. Here's the relevant tweets:

What do you think? Have you used all 74 weapons in Splatoon? Are you disappointed that the constant flow of new weapons has finally ceased? Share your thoughts in the comments below.