Ancho-V Games

About a week ago, the final weapon for Splatoon's constant stream of new, extra content went live and signaled the end of the long run. Following that right up, the final new stage will go live tomorrow and bring the stage count to its final amount of sixteen.

The new stage is Ancho-V Games, and this appears to be one of the more dynamic stages in the mix. It's modelled after an office, covered in desks, loose papers, whiteboards, and lamps. The standout feature here is fans placed around that allow Inklings to raise and lower platforms, no doubt offering up new gameplay strategies. The stage will go live at 6 PM PST, or 2 AM in the UK. Here's the video where it was initially announced, it's in the latter half of the video:

What do you think? Are you sad to see the end of the free content updates? Would you buy paid DLC if there was any? Drop us a comment in the section.