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When it comes to early game leaks, Amazon France is certainly on the shortlist as one of the most prolific sources. That seems to be the case once again, with a listing for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD spilling the beans on some new features in the HD remaster. Some of the details have since been removed, but Epona's already bolted.

The key information - since removed - referenced the use of the Wolf Link amiibo, and it's proven to be divisive over on NeoGAF, where this was seemingly spotted first. It'll apparently unlock a dungeon called "The Cave of Twilight / The Twilight Cave" (Cave du Crépuscule), and will utilise the read/write feature of the amiibo; in other words it'll save data to the figure. Quite how this dungeon will work is still a mystery, while other standard Legend of Zelda amiibo - from the Smash Bros. range - will give the player extra resources like hearts and arrows.

Beyond that the listing confirms a Hero Mode, which is absolutely no surprise, and pleasingly it should be available right from the start. For veterans of the game that should offer some welcome challenge.

Finally, also rather like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, the GamePad touchscreen will offer inventory management; this has been the norm in Wind Waker HD and the 3DS remasters, and will be nice to have once again.

Hero Mode and GamePad usage aren't a surprise (and those details have been retained in the listing), but the prospect of a dungeon-like area being unlocked by the Wolf Link amiibo is a little unexpected, and has since been removed by Amazon France on its page. As is always the case with these listings they can't be treated as 100% accurate, but the rapid removal of the amiibo details suggests that Amazon management or Nintendo were aware the information shouldn't have been online.

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