Take a pinch.

The NX rumour mill is working at full capacity right now, which is hardly surprising as Nintendo hasn't given us a great deal of solid information on what the machine will be like. To fill the void - and possibly the time as well - we've seen plenty of rumours popping up, but this latest one should perhaps be treated with more care than most.

Nintendo Life friend and contributor Liam Robertson has tweeted that online survey company GFK is currently running campaigns which include Nintendo NX. The feature list is surprisingly complete, and boasts of 4K video streaming, 900p / 60fps "gameplay graphics", achievements and a dual-hardware setup, with separate home and handheld systems. It also states that a sensor bar is included with the console, which seems to suggest that some kind of Wii Remote-style functionality is included.

The 4K, 60fps video streaming should raise eyebrows - that kind of feature is quite cutting-edge. The 900p visuals are also a strange thing to highlight, but this could be related to the portable system rather than the home console.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 at 3.06.14 PM.png

Robertson has confirmed that the survey is real, but is the info on it real as well? That's largely up to you to decide.

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