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Recent revelations of amiibo-specific features in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD have caused a stir among fans of the game, and now some more information appears to have come to light. It's worth noting that we've marked these as rumours simply due to the nature of the source material - translations from a Famitsu leak. Until the actual magazine lands we should treat these details as likely to be accurate, but with potential variations in the final reckoning.

The previously rumours Wolf Link amiibo-specific dungeon appear to related to a challenge area, loosely called "Thorough Battle: Trial of the Beast". Seemingly clearing this with the Giant Wallet in your inventory (1000 Rupees) will unlock a Bottomless Wallet that holds 9,999 rupees. Hearts remaining when this area is cleared can top up your hearts within the main dungeon areas. The Wolf Link amiibo will also utilise a 'journey' feature, but details on that are fuzzy at best.

The leak also reportedly mentions the impact Zelda-themed amiibo can have on the game; rather like in Hyrule Warriors they're limited to one scan a day.

Link & Toon Link - Fully replenish arrows
Zelda & Sheik - Restore all hearts
Ganondorf - Adds challenge by doubling damage from enemies

It's certainly worth waiting for full translations once the magazine lands, but these certainly seem like feasible uses for amiibo. In terms of the Wolf Link 'dungeon', is sounds more like a challenge area to jump into in order to earn rewards and boost your character's health meter; seemingly designed to make the game easier and more accessible for those that want help.

Let us know what you think of this, in any case. Are you warming to the idea of optional amiibo use in Twilight Princess HD, or are you fully against the idea?

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