The Matrix is old-hat now - they use big flip-phones! - and had sequels that tarnished its name (in this writer's opinion) but it set a standard for neat slow-motion action. It's a common feature now and was memorably recreated in Max Payne, but at the time it was totally rad, cool and other assorted phrases that aren't as trendy as they used to be.

That random introduction brings us to the rather cool 'Bullet Time' stage in Super Mario Maker. The work of Reddit user InsaneMonte (known as Conchita in SMM) it takes advantage of an issue in the game where an excess of items causes slow down. The video below isn't applying any effects (we've tried the level ourselves to double check); the game is actually running at that speed.

Its level ID is D185-0000-01A9-54CA and you need to use the POW block to progress, which is rather tricky. You can also bookmark it on this page.

This definitely looks like a fun idea to play around with, which you can be sure we will be doing in the coming days.