Dig it.

Shovel Knight, as we know, dispenses his own brand of justice not with a blade but a mighty digging tool. While the accompanying amiibo is intended for use in-game, the fact that it has "Shovel" in its name has clearly befuddled someone at Walmart, as the toy has been listed in the "gardening & tools" section of the company's site.

Amusingly, the toy rose to the rank of "bestseller", which will no doubt have confused the heck out of anyone browsing the category for a new spade or pair of gardening gloves.

Perhaps a few green-fingered individuals even went as far as placing an order for this seemingly essential gardening item - the expression on their faces when a small lump of NFC-enabled plastic turns up on the doorstep will no doubt be utterly priceless.


[source gonintendo.com, via pixeldynamo.com]