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Super Mario Maker may have now been around for roughly four months, but many thousands of gamers are still logging on regularly to play and create stages. There's been some disquiet around stages disappearing with little explanation since the New Year - though the reasoning is likely 'low popularity' or breaking rules - in particular, but that isn't stopping users flexing their creative muscles.

A particularly neat example of this is from a user simply called Alex in the game (no, it's not our video man Alex!) and as Lost_dwarf on Reddit. He's put together what he's called 'Mario's Lost World', which is a series of 38 stages across nine 'Worlds' using the Super Mario World template. He's given the following description.

This is my first full Mario adventure containing 9 worlds for a total of 38 levels. Mario World is definitely my favorite Mario game of all time and making these levels was a lot of fun!

While the first levels are not to hard, I think the difficulty gets quite high later on.

Because of this, I will say that the game is more intended towards advanced Mario players, especially those that have played through Super Mario World quite a few times and wish to experience more challenging levels.

For each world I have tried to stick to a theme while attempting to make each level feel unique, I hope you will enjoy playing these levels.

As a hidden bonus, I have placed a special hidden Mega Mushroom in each stage, can you find them all!?

The easiest and quickest way to access the levels all at once to play them like a conventional Mario game - sort of - is to head to this profile page on the Super Mario Maker bookmark web portal. Login to the service and bookmark all across all four pages, and they'll then appear under Bookmarks in your copy of the game.

This isn't the first 'full Mario' creation, of course, and it would be neat for the game to allow us to bundle levels together into Worlds, for example. Whether that'll happen due to moderation and so on is unclear, but hopefully it's being considered.

Check out Mario's Lost World and let us know what you think.

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