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It's not particularly difficult to figure out one of the week's most passionate talking points - rumours of Super Smash Bros. being planned as an NX launch title sparked a lot of debate and conversation. It was particularly interesting due to the respected source, and his own uncertainty over the form of this rumoured title kept the chat flowing - our money would be on a 'definitive' version incorporating all of the content and DLC from the Wii U and 3DS versions.

It got us thinking, however, about launch line-ups. It's a notoriously tricky thing for Nintendo and its hardware rivals to get right - third-parties will have likely had limited time to produce launch games, while development teams (first- and third-party) are still getting to grips with the hardware. The challenge is to show the system in its best light, attract early adopters with enticing day one games and to balance the line-up so all publishers can get a slice of the pie. It's not easy, and launch line-ups can feel very thin - such as with the 3DS in 2011, arguably - or are overloaded with ports and releases that sell hardly any copies and burn valuable partners.

Reggie was excited about the Wii U launch

From Nintendo's perspective it's tough; the narrative with the 3DS at launch was that it perhaps lacked a 'killer app', while so many Wii U day one players were happy enough with Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U that even the heavily promoted and - at the time - exclusive ZombiU failed to meet Ubisoft's expectations.

We'll be writing about the challenges and perils of launch line-ups (including consideration of what we saw with Xbox One and PS4) over the weekend, but first we want to know what you hope to see from Nintendo when the NX hardware launches. Which first-party franchises do you want? If you could choose any three franchises to kick off the new hardware, what would they be? Forget about the Smash Bros. rumour too, if you wish, this is all about wish fulfilment.

We're limiting you to three Nintendo franchises, though - if we were being strict and looking at past launch patterns we'd stop at two, but let's be generous. You can be entirely unrealistic and pick three fan favourites or realistic and throw in a minigame / concept title - your call. For reference we've put 'NX' in front of some generic family / party franchises, but as we know the system won't actually be called the NX.

So, click some buttons and let us know what you hope to play when NX launches this year or in 2017.

Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Want With the NX Launch?

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Naturally we'll have missed some, but we've tried to cover plenty of bases. Which franchises would bring a perfect NX launch, in your opinion?