Roy Smash.jpg

The act of pre-ordering an amiibo can be tricky, especially in North America where stock and demand aren't always comfortable companions. For those keen to grab a Roy figure on 18th March, it's time to get online.

GameStop has confirmed that the Roy amiibo - which it has exclusivity for in North America - will go up for pre-order today (21st January) at noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern. It doesn't even have a product page at the time of writing, so keep an eye on the GameStop website. If you have a store nearby they'll reportedly take pre-orders (from these times onwards) too.

As reiterated earlier today there are plenty of figures and amiibo cards on the way in March, with Ryu and Famicom Colors R.O.B joining Roy as Smash Bros. arrivals.

Are you going to join the scrabble for a Roy amiibo pre-order?

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