Nintendo is finally launching the first-gen Pokémon games on the 3DS Virtual Console, and this event has gotten the peeps over at Red Bull thinking about all of the classic myths which grew up around the games back in the late '90s - before the internet came along and made it easy to debunk such nonsense.

No, you can't move that truck near the harbour in Red and Blue, and no, Mew isn't hiding under it. Pikablu doesn't exist. Kids didn't commit suicide upon hearing subliminal messages in the Lavender Town music. It is not possible to break your Game Boy playing Pokémon Red and Blue.

Red Bull covers all of these mistruths - lies which have grown in legend over the years like a tale about a ghost that a friend of a friend of a friend claims to have seen out of the corner of their eye 20 years ago - and also mentions another personal favourite of ours. Some people claimed that it was possible to improve your capture rate in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver by bellowing "Gotcha" in the DS microphone at the right moment. Like the other stories recounted here, it's complete and utter piffle.

Such made-up cheats and hacks were commonplace in the early days of the video game industry, as anyone old enough to recall the infamous Sheng Long in Street Fighter II debacle that played on so many gamer's minds during the SNES era will attest. However, the arrival of the internet has made such myths relatively easy to disprove - although when a game captures the imagination of so many like Pokémon does, it's inevitable that some tall tales will slip through the cracks.

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