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Last August, Square Enix and Japanese convenience store chain Lawson teamed up to apply a bit of Dragon Quest magic to a Lawson retail outlet in Chiyoda, Tokyo, with the overall objective being the promotion of Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS. The existing store was given a makeover which included special decals on the outside and themed products on the inside.

While it was primarily intended to mark the release of the 3DS outing, the popularity of the franchise in Japan - combined with other outings such as Dragon Quest X v3 and Dragon Quest Builders - has resulted in the outlet keeping its fetching new look for longer than some had anticipated.

We decided to pay the store a visit, camera at the ready. As you can see, Dragon Quest imagery adorns almost every available surface and various products are arrayed on the shelves, again clad in artwork from the famous video game series, which began life on the Famicom back in 1986. That's not all - Dragon Quest sounds are played when you enter and leave. It's basically the coolest shop on the planet.