Do you remember the creepy CGI Pikachu reveal from October 2013, in which the 'mon had a very expressive face? It was teased back then as a 3DS title, with a magnifying glass as a rare clue, and it all went silent from there. Well, now we know it's called Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Combination - thanks to Serebii for the translated name - and it's out in Japan as an eShop download on 3rd February. It'll have a discounted price of 1200 Yen (roughly $10) in a launch period up to 29th February, and will then cost 1500 Yen (roughly $12.50).

The launch trailer is below, where we see the "smug, talking, loveable, detective Pikachu" in a really neat hat. Considering the aesthetic and setting of the game we think a release in the West is very likely, so that'll be worth following closely.

It looks like a fun experience, and at an affordable price too. Let us know what you think of Detective Pikachu in the comments.