Dementium Remastered.jpg

With a simplified and global rating system now in place, download developers have one less hurdle to clear when working towards bringing their games to both North America and Europe / Australia. Renegade Kid is one studio utilising the new system, and now has a tentative release target for Dementium Remastered in PAL territories - sadly New Zealand isn't included as it's not part of the IARC rating process. The game's been approved and is targeting a release on 11th February.

The EU / Australian version will also be an updated build with a few bug fixes, with one resolved issue being occasional crashes when entering the map during puzzle sections. That patch will come to North America a little later, but there's a good reason for that as it'll arrive after another major project is finished.

Renegade Kid is currently wrapping up development on Dementium II Remastered, with plans to submit to both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe at the same time. The developer is targeting a Q2 release at the present time for its latest DS remaster on the 3DS eShop.

So there you have it, Dementium Remastered due soon in Europe and Australia, in addition to Dementium II Remastered being very close. Are you keen to try these out on 3DS?