A legend.

Last year, we reported on the news that someone had 100 percent finished The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time whilst blindfolded - an impressive achievement which undoubtedly took a lot of determination and skill.

However, we'd argue that Terry Garrett has gone one better - he may not have collected every single item but he's totally blind and has never "seen" the game in action.

Garrett lost his left eye when he was 5 and his right eye when he was 10, and has to play based on sound alone. Using a special chair fitted with two speakers that split the left and right audio, Garrett began his quest to finish the N64 masterpiece way back in 2011. He used an emulated version of the game so that he could quick-save and reload whenever he became stuck.

This first video shows Garrett getting to grips with the game five years ago:

This is his most recent video, showing him finishing off Ganon:

We're sure you'll all agree that this is a truly incredible achievement, but then Garrett is used to confounding expectations - he found fame in 2011 when he finished Abe's Exoddus, he's a competent practitioner of karate, he can play the guitar and he's aiming to be the first blind person in space.

Given the challenge of completing the Water Temple without any visual aids, we wouldn't bet against him on that last one.

[source kotaku.co.uk]