Pre-orders don't need to be 60 bucks

In an increasingly tough retail market, both online and on the high street, big brands are continually switching up their methods to win our custom. Some just shoot for the lowest prices, others prioritise rapid delivery, or special editions may be the focus - the most successful retailers blend all three.

The US market, in particular, is seeing some increasingly aggressive promotions that tap into consumer loyalty. Stores such as GameSpot and Best Buy run services in which you pay a relatively small amount every year in return for perks, included standard discounts on certain titles.

Now the biggest online retailer of them all, Amazon, is pitching in - in the US at least. In recent days Amazon Prime members in the country have become eligible for 20% discounts on all pre-order and new games - the definition of 'new' is up to two weeks after a title's release. Considering new game prices are relatively fixed in the US - unlike the retailer-driven pricing that can see heavy launch discounts in markets like the UK - it's a handsome promotion. You can put down a pre-order and pick up a $60 game for under $50, and Tiny Cartridge has confirmed the discount works for various big-hitters on the way from Nintendo, even the as-yet-undated Legend of Zelda for Wii U.

Unfortunately Amazon operates differently in various countries, so this deal isn't open in Canada or the UK, for example. Amazon Prime is also a fair amount more expensive than memberships with game specialists - $99 - as it's a service that also encompasses the Prime TV streaming service, other discounts and free deliveries.

Consumers ultimately win when retailers compete and offer promotions, especially those savvy enough to weed out the great deals from the underwhelming. For existing Prime members in the US this promotion is sure to be tempting.

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