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Indie developer Ratalaika Games is bringing its action title Alien Dinosaurs to Nintendo platforms. The run-and-gun shooter - which wouldn't look out of place on the Game Boy - sees the player character getting abducted by alien reptiles who then set up a gauntlet of challenges to ascertain if the planet Earth is ripe for conquest.

According to the developer, these are the key reasons for considering a purchase:

– Unique retro style action: Thanks to our artist and the simple mechanics, makes out game in something different, retro but fresh and with quick action.
– Story: Due to long hours spent watching low budget cinema and our madness, we have decided to create an unexpected story
– Develop your character: As you progress in the game you can change your character, so every time you play, it will be stronger and it could fight better against the T-rex
– Survival mode: Show who is boss and send all those enemies back to their graves. Survive as long as you can, kill everything you can and become a legend.
– Weapon arsenal: The player has a huge variety of weapons. From basic weapons like a gun or a shotgun to a mop or a fork, even laser weapons, there always should be a laser weapon on every house.

While there's no release date yet, you can feast your eyes on the Steam Greenlight trailer below: