It's a bit of a bumper week on the eShop for both Wii U and 3DS owners, with the highest profile arrivals set to be FAST Racing NEO, SteamWorld Heist and Terraria. The latter, rather like the upcoming Minecraft: Wii U Edition, has been a hugely popular game on various systems that's finally making its way to Nintendo hardware.

Terraria is often described as '2D Minecraft', which isn't necessarily a fair reflection of its own qualities, but perhaps helps to explain the core mechanics that helped it take off in popularity. It blends surrealism with plenty of freedom to explore, dig and craft; we can see where the comparison comes from.

As we've previously shared the launch trailers for the week's other major arrivals it seems fair to afford Terraria the same courtesy. This old gamer is struck by the lack of music, but that's part of the title's style - check it out below.