The Pink Rabbit

Nintendo Badge Arcade launched about a month ago in the west, finally giving western gamers an opportunity to customize their screens even more than before. The free to start game has drawn some criticism for being a little cheap when it comes to value per play, but it nonetheless remains an infuriatingly addicting experience for collectors. Of course, this also was the debut of the 'Pink Rabbit', an upbeat salesman who really wants you to play the arcade games.

As we reported on earlier, there's a Nintendo Badge Arcade themed Super Mario Maker stage is due out soon and a costume based around the pink rabbit will be the reward for beating it. Nintendo just released a trailer showing off the pink rabbit costume in all of its glory, and you can check it out below:

What do you think? Do you like the 8-bit adaptation of the pink rabbit? What do you think of Nintendo Badge Arcade? Share your thoughts in the comments below.